The Baby Name Buff: Candy Edition

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. In the spirit of love and kindness, I’ll spare you all my extended tirade on why I personally hate and don’t celebrate this holiday. Instead, I’ll focus on the positive and highlight 15 unusual baby names inspired by the one redeeming aspect of Valentine’s Day: candy!


The top candy company in the U.S., Mars makes some of the best mainstream candy bars around, including Twix, Milky Way, and Snickers. Mars is also our neighboring planet, so this would also be a great boys’ name for space enthusiasts. And, of course, Mars is the Roman god of war, though I’m not sure gory battle is necessarily what you want to invoke when naming your child. Still, as Meatloaf hath taught us, two out of three ain’t bad.

This name is unique for being somehow both preppy and rugged at the same time (prugged?). So, if Chuck Norris and Jackie Onassis (Kennedy) had a baby boy, this would be the perfect name for him. But, as we all know, Chuck Norris doesn’t need another person in order to have a baby; he can just will a child into being.

Whereas the name Rancher is only half preppy, Werther is a full-on khaki-wearing, trust-fund receiving, Starbucks drinking baby name. If you choose this name for your little boy, you’d better start saving up now for his exorbitant law school tuition.

Toblerone is one of the most scrumptious-yet-underrated candy bars around. Likewise, while I personally love the uniqueness of this stately baby name, I doubt we’ll ever see Toblerone in the U.S. top 1,000. Possible nicknames: Tobler (like the last name of this candy bar’s inventor) or Toby / Tobi.  

Part of me thinks this name is really cute. Another part of me thinks that, like the name Grigsby from last week’s Super Bowl LIII blog, you’ll be pigeonholing your child into a single career choice: butler. (Or, to be charitable, your kid might also be able to become a chauffeur.) But the biggest part of me is too busy wondering what the hell that disgusting gelatinous goop is in the middle of Cadbury cream eggs to really provide an objective opinion on whether or not this name would be a good pick for a little boy.

This is one of the cutest boys’ names I’ve come across in a while. The obvious cultural touchstone for this name is the movie Patch Adams, which makes this name an excellent option on a couple levels. First, there’s the allusion to the real-life doctor who brings joy to the lives of sick kids, and who wouldn’t want their own child to grow up to have that kind of compassion? Second, for anyone who adores Robin Williams (i.e. everyone) but wants a more zazzy name than Robin or William, Patch is perfect. 


This is a great name for all you feminists out there. Legend has it that Lady Godiva constantly entreated her husband to stop over-taxing the people of the town of Coventry, to no avail. “Nevertheless, she persisted.” Finally, in frustration, her husband said he would reduce the taxes “when she rode a horse, naked, through the streets of the town at midday” (Harvard Magazine). Challenge accepted! And though many scholars believe that this story is a myth rather than actual history, naming your little girl Godiva could still set the tone for her to become a strong, independent woman. Plus, when it comes to chocolate, Godiva is the top-shelf good stuff; likewise, nothing but the best name for your little one. And finally, this name will always make me think of Queen’s rockin’ tune “Don’t Stop Me Now,” given the line: “I’m a racing car passing by / Like Lady Godiva.” There’s so much to love about this name! Possible nicknames: Godi and Diva (which could be pronounced Dive-a or Dee-va).

I love this name because it is very unique yet legitimately sounds like a name (unlike many other “names” that crop up on my blog lists, #sorrynotsorry). I’ve heard this name pronounced two different ways: Val-roan-a and Val-a-rona-a. I don’t know where that additional “a” came from in the latter pronunciation, but I’m a fan of the former sound. And, in case your kid wants a more mainstream nickname, Val works well, though Rhona would be a very nice, more distinctive nickname possibility as well. Another fun nickname option is Rho / Ro / Roe. (I like the Rho spelling the best, though I also like the Ro spelling because of the nod to Ro Laren from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and later Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.)  

I must confess that, candy lover that I am, I’ve never actually tried any of the Galaxy line of chocolates—gasp! I need to get on that. But Galaxy is a name I’ve loved for a long time; I adore any name associated with the cosmos. And Galaxy has several great nickname possibilities. First, there’s Gal, which puts me in mind of another great feminist icon: Wonder Woman. Second, there’s Alax / Alex, which is a bit more common for girls these days. (I myself have a sweet little niece named Alex.) And finally, the much less conventional nickname Axy / Axie could work as well. (Surprisingly, I also know a little girl with this name!) With the name Galaxy, the sky’s not the limit—the universe is!

I like this name because it is short and sassy. But doves are also a symbol of peace, which is another lovely layer to this name’s impact and meaning. The only possible drawback is that people might think of the soap instead of the tasty candy, but those aren’t my kind of people anyway. And, despite this name’s brevity, I think Doe could be a nice nickname option for people to fawn over.

I know what you’re thinking. “Kit-Kat as a name for my baby girl? Gimme a break!” But hear me out. First, this candy bar is named after a person, so naming your kid Kit-Kat would really just bring things full circle. (Candy bar imitates name imitates candy bar.) Second, both Kit and Kat are already nicknames in use for Katherine / Catherine. Third, as I noted with the name Blue-Jean in my David Bowie Edition blog post, hyphenated first names are on the rise. And finally, Kika would be an adorable nickname.

Yes, Pixy sticks are a total trash candy—just colored sugar in low-quality paper tubes. But Pixie is by far my overall favorite name on this list. This name conjures images of mythical woodland sprites, so it’s the perfect name for your sweet little fairy. Also, since there’s not a parent among us who doesn’t ask themselves daily, “Where is My Mind?,” this hip name’s allusion to the band The Pixies is also quite appropriate. (And yes, I changed the spelling; Pixie looks so much better than Pixy, but maybe I’m biased because I’m Vickie with an “ie” instead of a “y.”)


Like the Galaxy treats, this confection from Nestle is yet another candy bar that I’ve regrettably never tried (yet). But I really like Aero as a cooler spelling alternative to the increasingly-popular name Arrow. The Aero candy bar is known for its light, bubbly texture, so this is a great name if you’re hoping your little one will have a peppy personality.  

This name is a shout-out to all my northeast PA peeps. Gertrude Hawk is a chocolate company based in Dunmore, PA that is most famous for their filled chocolates called Smidgens. This name of course also brings to mind famous skateboarder Tony Hawk. So, if you are from NEPA, love Gertrude Hawk chocolates, and also enjoy skateboarding, then Aero hits the holy trifecta of all your naming requirements.

It took a while for this name to grow on me. But names with an “ee” sound at the end, like Bree, have been popular for a long time, so why not Spree?

What do you think is the sweetest name on this list? Let me know in the comments.

Photo credit: Andrew_Writer

Author: thebabynamebuff

Hi, I'm Vickie. I'm a baby name enthusiast, and I'm excited to share and discuss with others the unique baby names I find. Besides talking and writing about baby names all day long, I also enjoy spending time with family, hiking, astronomy, reading (mostly science fiction and dystopias), and all things Star Trek. (Are you noticing a theme?) I currently live in Champaign, IL with my husband, Kyle, and my son, Felix.

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