The Baby Name Buff: Spring Equinox Edition

This past Wednesday was Spring Equinox, one of two days during the year when the light of day and the dark of night are in perfect balance. Spring Equinox is celebrated in various religions and cultures worldwide; common themes among all festivities include fertility, new life, rebirth, and growth. Symbols of Spring Equinox include eggs, rabbits, and spring flowers. Here is a list of names related to the Spring Equinox.

Names of Gods and Goddesses

Cybele—the Greco-Roman goddess of fertility, pronounced Sib-uh-lee
Alternate spellings: Sybele, Cybelee, or Sibelee
Nicknames: Sib, Sibi, Sibee, Bell, Belle, or Bella

Freyja—the Norse goddess of fertility, pronounced Fray-uh
Alternate spellings: Freya (but in the U.S. top 1,000) or Freja
Nickname: Frey

Greenwood—the English god of fertility, pronounced Green-wood
Alternate spellings: Grynwood
Nicknames: Green, Ren, Rune, or Woody

Maku—the Chinese goddess of spring, pronounced Mah-coo OR Mah-goo
Alternate spellings: Ma-ku, Magu, or Ma-gu
Nicknames: Mak, Mac, Aku, or Ku

Mithras—the Iranian god of light, pronounced Myth-ross, Meeth-ross, OR Meeth-riss
Alternate spellings: Mithra, Mithros, Mithrus, Mythras, Mythros, or Mythrus
Nicknames: Mith, Myth, or Thras

Osiris—the Egyptian god of rebirth, pronounced Oh-sigh-riss OR Oh-seer-iss
Alternate spellings: Osirus, Osyrus, Ocyrus, Oziris, or Ozirus
Nicknames: Osi, Osir, Oz, Ozi, Ozzy, Ozzie, Ozir, Siris, Sirius, Cyrus, or Iris

Ostara—the German goddess of spring, pronounced Oh-star-uh
Alternate spellings: Ostarra, Ohstara, Ostaruh, or Esotre
Nicknames: Osta, Osti, Star, Starr, Stara, or Starra

Persephone—goddess, lives on Earth only during the light half of the year, pronounced Per-seff-uh-nee
Alternate spellings: Perseffone or Persephonee
Nicknames: Perse, Percy, Perci, Percee, Sepha, Sepho, Sapho, Sappho, Saffo, Onay, or Honey

Plant Names

Alder—one of three trees associated with the Pagan holiday Ostara (Spring Equinox), pronounced All-durh
Alternate spellings: Ahlder, Ahldur, or Aldur
Nicknames: Al or Lad

Ash—one of three trees associated with the Pagan holiday Ostara (Spring Equinox), pronounced Ash
Alternate spellings: Ashe
Nicknames: N/A

Birch—one of three trees associated with the Pagan holiday Ostara (Spring Equinox), pronounced Burch
Alternate spellings: Birtch, Burch, or Burtch
Nicknames: Bir, Biri, Burr, or Rich

Celandine—a spring flower, pronounced Sell-uhn-deen OR Sell-uhn-dine
Alternate spellings: Celendine, Celandean, Celandeen, Celendean, Selandine, etc.
Nicknames: Cella, Sella, Ella, Elan, Celand, Lan, Lane, Andi, Andy, Andine, Dina, or Dyna

Daffodil—a spring flower, pronounced Daff-uh-dill
Alternate spellings: Daffodill, Daffadil, Daphodill, Daphadill, etc.
Daff, Daffo, Daphne, Affe, Affo, Fodi, Fodil, or Fodyl

Moss—Irish moss is a plant associated with spring, pronounced Moss
Alternate spellings: N/A
Nicknames: Mo, Moe, Oss, Ossie, Ossy, Oz, Ozzy, or Ozzie

Primrose—a spring flower, pronounced Prim-rose
Alternate spellings: Prymrose
Nicknames: Pri, Pree, Prim, Prym, Ro, Roe, or Rose

Tansy—a plant associated with spring rituals, pronounced Tan-zee
Alternate spellings: Tansie, Tansee, Tansea, Tanzy, Tanzie, Tanzee, or Tanzea
Nicknames: Tan, Tans, Tanz, or Zee

Word Names

Alban—Alban Eiber means “light of the Earth” and is the name of the Druid celebration of Spring Equinox, pronounced Al-buhn
Alternate spellings: Albon or Albun
Nicknames: Al or Bano

Atalante—Greek name meaning “balanced,” pronounced At-uh-lawn-tuh OR At-uh-lawn-tay
Alternate spellings: Atalanta, Atalantay, Atalantaye, or Atalantae
Nicknames: Atta, Tala, Talia, Ala, Alla, Alan, Lan, Lane, or Lante

Balance—word name, appropriate because light and dark are in perfect balance during an equinox, pronounced Bal-ince
Alternate spellings: Balince or Balynce
Nicknames: Bal, Bala, Bali, Lan, Lane, or Lance

Eiber— Alban Eiber means “light of the Earth” and is the name of the Druid celebration of Spring Equinox, pronounced Eye-burr
Alternate spellings: Eiburr
Nicknames: Burr

Equinox—a day when day and night are of equal length, pronounced Ee-kwih-knocks
Alternate spellings: Equinnox
Nicknames: Equi, Quin, Quinn, Innox, Nox, or Knox

Haru—the Japanese word for spring (the season), pronounced Hah-roo
Alternate spellings: Hahru or Haroo
Nicknames: Har, Aru, Aroo, Ru, Rue, or Roo

Kani—the Finnish word for rabbit, pronounced Kah-nee
Alternate spellings: Kanni, Kannie, Kanny, Konnie, Kany, Canni, Connie, etc.
Nicknames: Ani, Anni, Ann, Anne, or Annie  

Krinon—the Greek word for lily, pronounced Kree-nun
Alternate spellings: Kreenon, Crinon, or Creenon
Nicknames: Kri, Kree, Krie, Cree, or Rin

Muna—the Finnish word for egg, Moon-uh or Myoo-nuh
Alternate spellings: Moona, Myuna, or Myoona
Nicknames: Moon or Una

Vernal—the Latin word for spring, pronounced Vuhr-null
Alternate spellings: Vernall, Virnal, Virnall, Vernul, Vernull, Virnul, etc.
Nicknames: Vern, Virn, Erna, Ernie, Nala, or Nalla

What do you think of these spring-themed names? What is your favorite spring-related name not on this list? Let me know in the comments.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Mikkola

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