The Baby Name Buff: Beer Edition

Even though summer doesn’t officially start for two more weeks, the fact that Memorial Day has passed, pools are now open, and warm, sunny days are upon us have me feeling in a summertime mood. And what beverage screams summer more than America’s favorite alcoholic beverage: beer.

As a disclaimer, I personally do not like beer–any beer, so I haven’t actually tried any of the brews discussed below. Luckily, I know many beer connoisseurs, so I enlisted the help of three of them: my brother, John Gundling; brother-in-law, Andrew Becker; and long-time friend, Brian Yulke. These ale experts named some of their favorite beers and pointed me in the direction of some helpful beer-list websites.

Please enjoy these beer-inspired baby names responsibly.

Stella Artois is a classy Belgian beer known for its “well-balanced flavor profile” and “versatility.” As such, naming your child Artois (Ar-twah) could portend that he or she will be sophisticated, well-rounded, and able to go with the flow. And Artie is a cute, gender-neutral nickname. 

Corona is a “subtle” and “sweet” beer, so this name could work well if you’re hoping for a tender-hearted girl. But the name Corona (Cuh-roan-uh) also puts me in mind of the Sun’s corona layer, so this name could be great if you hope your little ray of sunshine will be a powerful firecracker. I love Cora as a nickname for Corona, though Rhona is also a cool option.

Saison-Dupont is a spicy, comforting beer with a wintry palate of “clove(s), nutmeg, treacle, figs, and citron,” making Dupont (Do-pont OR Du-pau) a great choice if your son is born during one of the colder months. As someone who lived in the Washington, D.C. area for six years, this name also reminds me of Dupont Circle, a D.C. neighborhood known for its hipster atmosphere and trendy eats. Dupont could therefore be a fresh name selection for all you funky and stylin’ parents out there.

Named for the Roman author and philosopher, Pliny the Elder is a “well-balanced” beer with “floral, citrus, and pine” notes, so Elder (El-duhr) is a perfect boys’ name option for nature-loving, tree-hugging hippies. (I say that with love, not derision!) This name also brings to mind the Elder Wand, a magical object of great power in the Harry Potter series, making Elder a unique name choice for HP fans. And, as the old saying goes, naming your son Elder will instantly garner him lots of respect.

Rather than a specific beer, lambic is a style of beer that hails from Belgium. Described as a beer-wine hybrid, lambic beers are a labor of love that takes years and results in an unparalleled taste complexity. As such, Lambic (Lam-bick) would set your son up to have a deep and multifaceted personality. I myself love this name because it reminds me of one of my top-ten boys’ names, Cambric. Nicknames are a little hard to come by for this name, but I think Ambi or Beck might work.  

Luna Lupulus is a domestic beer made with “New York-grown malt and hops,” so Lupulus (Loop-you-liss) is a good name option if you have strong ties to New York City or state. Additionally, I dig this name’s Harry Potter-spell vibe. Luna Lupulus is also a full moon beer, made in line with Pagan traditions of brewing one’s own ale as part of a full moon ritual, so Lupulus would be a great boys’ name for Pagan parents. I like Lu as a short-and-sweet nickname for Lupulus.

The word maharaja means “great king” in Sanskrit, so the beer Maharaja is accordingly “regal…and mighty,” with a “tangy, vibrant, and pungent” flavor. The boys’ name Maharaja (Ma-ha-ra-jhuh) joins a proud tradition of titles-as-names, including Earl, Duke, Prince, King, and Baron. I especially like Raj as a nickname option.  

The best overall word to describe Oberon Ale is vibrant. With its spicy hops flavor, fruity scent, and sunny hue, this beer brings to mind a summer’s day. But the name Oberon (Oh-burr-on) of course also brings to mind a midsummer’s night, with Oberon as Shakespeare’s king of the fairies. I adore the name Oberon, and this pick could be right for you if you hope your son will have a sunny personality, an ethereal quality about him, or a regal and commanding presence. This name could also work well if you hope to foster a love of nature in your young man. Obi is an awesome nickname option for parents who love both Shakespeare and Star Wars. Likewise, Beren is a perfect choice for literature lovers who enjoy both Shakespeare and Tolkien. Bear or Baron are other possibilities.

Because obsidian is a dark, hardy glass (rock) created in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption, I would expect any beer with obsidian in its name to be a strong beverage indeed. And Obsidian Stout does not disappoint. Described as a “robust” brew, this beer packs a punch, even as it fuses delightfully indulgent flavors like chocolate and espresso. Obsidian (Uhb-sid-ee-in) is a strong name that I could see on a boy or girl, and Sid is a great gender-neutral nickname. Bess, Dia, Diane, or Diana would be some other girls’ nickname options.

One reviewer describes Parabola as a “complex” beer that melds several disparate flavors. Parabola (Puh-rab-uh-luh) is therefore a terrific name if you hope your daughter will be a deep soul who can help unite others and keep the peace. And, of course, a parabola is also a mathematical term, and I like anything that associates girls and women with math (since women are still way too underrepresented in this arena).  Possible nicknames include: Parra, Rabbie, or Bulah.

Photo Credit: Julian Tysoe

Author: thebabynamebuff

Hi, I'm Vickie. I'm a baby name enthusiast, and I'm excited to share and discuss with others the unique baby names I find. Besides talking and writing about baby names all day long, I also enjoy spending time with family, hiking, astronomy, reading (mostly science fiction and dystopias), and all things Star Trek. (Are you noticing a theme?) I currently live in Champaign, IL with my husband, Kyle, and my son, Felix.

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