The Baby Name Buff: Sitcom Dads Edition

Last month, to celebrate Mother’s Day, I did name makeovers for some of America’s most beloved sitcom moms. Since Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, it’s now time to treat TV’s favorite sitcom dads to a whole new name look.

Aloysius—for Louis Huang, Fresh Off the Boat
Aloysius (AL-oh-ISH-iss) is a medieval French form of Louis, which means “famous warrior.”

Deòrsa—for George Jefferson, The Jeffersons
Deòrsa (DJor-suh) is the Scottish form of George, meaning “farmer.”  

Erramun—for Ray Barone, Everybody Loves Raymond
Erramun (Air-uh-moan) is the Basque version of Raymond, which means “wise-protector.”

Flip—for Philip Banks, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air AND Phil Dunphy, Modern Family
Flip (Flip) is a diminutive of the Dutch version of Philip (Filip), meaning either “warlike” or “lover of horses.”

Kalle—for Carl Winslow, Family Matters
Kalle (Kah-leh) is the Finnish and Swedish from of Carl, meaning “free man.”

Misho—for Mitchell Pritchett, Modern Family AND Michael Bluth, Arrested Development
Misho (Mee-show) is a Bulgarian form of Michael, a name which means “who is like God.”

Quique—for Hal Wilkerson, Malcolm in the Middle
Quique (Kee-keh) is a diminutive of Enrique, the Spanish version of Henry, which means “estate ruler.”

Reino—for Reginald “Red” Forman, That 70s Show
Reino (Ray-no) is a Finnish form of Reynold (of which Reginald is a Latinized version), meaning “counsel-power.”

Taneli—for Danny Tanner, Full House AND Dan Conner, Roseanne

Taneli (Tah-neh-lee) is both the Hebrew and Finnish form of Daniel, which means “God is my judge.”

Tijn—for Marty Crane, Frasier
Tijn (Tayn) is a Dutch short-form version of Martin, meaning “warlike.”

Timotheus–Tim Taylor, Home Improvement
Timotheus (Teem-oh-tay-is) is a German version of Timothy, which means “honoring God.”

Photo credit: Steven Depolo

Author: thebabynamebuff

Hi, I'm Vickie. I'm a baby name enthusiast, and I'm excited to share and discuss with others the unique baby names I find. Besides talking and writing about baby names all day long, I also enjoy spending time with family, hiking, astronomy, reading (mostly science fiction and dystopias), and all things Star Trek. (Are you noticing a theme?) I currently live in Champaign, IL with my husband, Kyle, and my son, Felix.

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