The Baby Name Buff: Places I’ve Lived–Prescott, AZ

After Kyle finished his doctorate degree in 2013, and until he got a tenure-track teaching position, we were free to move somewhere else if we wanted to do so. We thus moved out west to Prescott, AZ for a high school teaching job I had been offered. The teaching job did not pan out (long story!), so we sadly only spent one month in Prescott. Even so, this town was one of the cutest, most beautiful places I’ve ever been to, and I look forward to hopefully going back there again someday on vacation.

Here are ten names inspired by the Prescott, AZ area:

The boys’ name Bradshaw (Brad-shaw) has a fun and sporty vibe. Possible nicknames: Brad, Addis, and Shaw.

In the month we lived in Prescott, Kyle and I took advantage of the many wonderful in-town hiking trails. One of our favorites was the Brownlow Trail at Pioneer Park. As a boys’ name, Brownlow (Brown-low) joins a host of names ending in -low, such as Winslow, Marlow, and Barlow.

The small town of Black Canyon City lies about midway between Prescott and the Phoenix metro area. Since nature names are trending hard right now, I’ve actually seen the gender-neutral name Canyon (Can-yin) floating around a bit on the baby name boards I frequent, though mostly as a middle name rather than a first name.

Another small town outside Prescott is Dewey-Humboldt, one of the only hyphenated town names I’ve ever seen. According to Nameberry, Dewey (Do-ee) is a Welsh boys’ name meaning “beloved.” And, since Dewey is a variation of David, this name is a terrific option for those who want a unique name but also want to honor someone in their family with the commonplace name David.

One of the campuses of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is located in Prescott. This campus is actually where I had the start of my teacher training. It is also the location where I met my first (but certainly not my last) wild tarantula! The gender-neutral name Embry (Em-bree) is a nice alternative to other popular names with a similar sound and feel, such as Emily, Emory, Emmy, Ember, and Embric.

The second part of the aforementioned town Dewey-Humboldt, this is a name I feel a little lukewarm about. While Humboldt (Hum-bolt) is definitely unique, it sounds a bit too much like “humbug” to me. Also, while I originally thought Bolt was a kind of cool nickname, I think I know in my heart of hearts that Bolt is really more of a dog name than a human name.

Paxton (Pax-tin) was one of my top-ten boys’ name picks when naming my own son. But this name is now also gaining popularity as a girls’ name. Paxton means “peace town,” and I love Pax as a short and sweet nickname.

I like that the stately boys’ name Piedmont (Peed-mont) also has the cutesy nickname option of Monty. The obvious trouble with this name, though, is that it starts with the sound “pee” / “peed.” (Let’s face it: kids can be cruel, and they are also obsessed with bodily functions…) If you’re worried about that connection, perhaps the variant Piermont would work nicely.

Though the name of this town in Arizona is pronounced Press-kit, I prefer the traditional pronunciation for this preppy boys’ name: Press-cot.

Another boys’ name with an aristocratic air to it, Stanton (Stan-tin) strikes me as a unique but slightly more mainstream choice than another name I’ve discussed on this blog before: Scranton. Stan or Anton are nickname choices.

Photo credit: Kevin Dooley

Author: thebabynamebuff

Hi, I'm Vickie. I'm a baby name enthusiast, and I'm excited to share and discuss with others the unique baby names I find. Besides talking and writing about baby names all day long, I also enjoy spending time with family, hiking, astronomy, reading (mostly science fiction and dystopias), and all things Star Trek. (Are you noticing a theme?) I currently live in Champaign, IL with my husband, Kyle, and my son, Felix.

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